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The next NEDS meeting will be hosted by The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.
This will be a virtual whole day meeting including lectures, discussion and clinical cases.

The meeting is planned for Friday 10th June 2022, 8.45am-4.15pm.
The meeting will be very valuable for trainees, do encourage your trainees to become NEDS members and to sign up for the meeting.


About Us

On 12th November 1910, the inaugural meeting of the Manchester Dermatological Society was held under the Presidency of Dr HG Brooke. This Society held regular meetings except during the First World War and always invited dermatologists from other cities in the North of England. Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds were strongly represented.

In January 1929 it was decided to expand the Society to the North of England Dermatological Society and the first clinical meeting of the new society was held in March of that year.

Since then the NEDS has provided educational clinical meetings in hospitals across the North of England where members have met together to exchange ideas and to discuss cases. Individual meetings are hosted by local organisers and are held in both teaching hospitals and district general hospitals in the region.

NEDS meetings have a reputation for providing informative discussion of rare or treatment resistant dermatological disease in a friendly and collegiate atmosphere. This approach helps to bridge the gap between formal education, clinical guidelines and the coal face of real clinical practice.

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Bursaries and Prizes

The North of England Dermatology Society provides travel bursaries for non-consultant members to attend national or international dermatology meetings. Three prizes are awarded annually for the best presentations at NEDS meetings.

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NEDS Council

The NEDS Council is responsible for the smooth running of the society. Their key responsibility being planning the programme of NEDS events. The Council is formed of volunteers from the society.

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NEDS Constitution

The NEDS is a virtually paperless society which keeps it framework for operating as straightforward as possible.

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