North of England

Dermatological Society



1.  The Society shall be called the North of England Dermatological Society.  Its objects shall be the advancement of knowledge of diseases of the skin.

2.   It shall consist of Ordinary and Honorary Members.  Membership shall be  open to those who are predominantly engaged in practice of Dermatology and those who have made significant contribution to Dermatology.


3.   The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Council consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents, an Editor, a Secretary and not more than five ordinary members.  The immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio member of the Council.


4.        The Secretary shall summon all meetings and keep minutes of what passes.  He shall receive subscriptions, pay all bills and present accounts yearly to the Council and to the Annual General Meeting.  He shall send not less than one week before the Annual General Meeting to each member of the Society, a list of candidates for the various offices, and agenda papers as may be necessary.  


5.    The Council shall be responsible for the arrangement of Meetings, and for all other business of the Society and shall meet at such time as may be convenient. Three shall form a quorum.


6.      (i)    The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May.

         (ii)    Clinical Meetings shall ordinarily be held on the second Tuesday in March, April,  May, June and October at 3.30pm but may be held at other times as may be convenient.


7.        New members shall be selected by the Council.  Any member may, by letter to the Secretary, submit the name of a candidate, together with a note on the ground which he makes the recommendation.  The Secretary shall submit the proposal to the Council, who shall decide whether to confer membership.


8.        The subscription of each ordinary member shall be five pounds.  Subscriptions shall be payable in January each year.  A member who is more than two years in arrears and has been duly notified thereof shall cease to be a member of the Society.


9.         Notice of any proposal to amend or alter the existing rules, or to pass a new rule must be sent to the Secretary not later than one month before the next ensuing Annual General Meeting, and must appear on the agenda of the said meeting in the form of a motion.

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